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“It really is scary being pregnant with your first child; there are so many unknowns and so many questions. You do the best you can to prepare your home, life and heart but you know deep down, there is nothing you can do to really know what it will be like to be a mom. When I was pregnant with my son, now 5, I had all the fears, excitement, anticipation and terror that I think most first-timers face. Enter Joy Post.

It wasn’t called that, of course, but pure joy is what it brought me. Let me begin by bragging on my friends - the absolute dearest, best and most loving and giving group of women I could ever hope to be associated with. There is an uncommon amount of creative talent in our group, and a fellow graphic designer friend teamed with an interior decorator friend to concoct a gorgeous suite of ideas and paper that would bless me with a “Vintage Americana" (my nursery theme) baby shower that should absolutely go down in history. 

The invitations for the event were fully custom and included multiple pieces full of beautiful vintage graphics and color. One item they placed into each invitation envelope was a cool postcard of famous American landmarks or indigenous flora that they had pre-stamped and pre-addressed to me. There was a note included that encouraged each person on the guest list to send their personal encouragement, prayers or hopes for me as a new mommy and for my son. I can’t express the feeling of opening my mail for the following weeks and receiving a shower of beautiful, thoughtful, tear- and laughter-inducing wisdom, advice and jokes. It was truly the best possible way they could have loved me, and I felt the depth of their care and attention to detail. 

Joy Post, or at least the concept of it, struck a deep chord in me that finally led me to developing it as a product. I did not invent the concept; I just made a product that makes it easy to give others the incredible blessing of this joyous act of community. It is applicable to any life change you can think of, celebratory or difficult: anticipating a new baby, a wedding, fighting an illness, death in the family, moved to a new place, celebrating a new job or career, widowed or divorced, studying for a big exam, celebrating recovery. These little notes, short and sweet, don’t ask very much of each person writing them and make a huge impact on the person or family receiving them. Each note has the handwriting of someone you care about that took the time to sit down and think of something kind to say to you.

I am passionate about Joy Post! We need connection, support and JOY in this life and this is a small way to spread those vital things to others. Send Joy Post!” –Kelly Kay


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