Emotions Wheel + Gold Foil

$ 9.99

There is power in learning to label our emotions. The Emotions Wheel is a therapy tool offering a collection of descriptive words that can assist you and others in naming what you are feeling in a given moment. It is not an exhaustive list but can provide a foundation for your emotional vocabulary. The Wheel includes an unexpected mix of nouns and adjectives which keeps your mind alert when trying on each word around your feeling. This tool is widely available for free online but ours is pretty and finished with gold foil! Place it anywhere you look often. 

The Emotions Wheel measures 7.5” wide and 7” tall. It is available to purchase by itself, with a wooden easel, a brass easel, a small acrylic stand, or a full acrylic magnetic pinch frame. Or you can frame it yourself in any 8 x 8" square frame! 

How to use: begin in the center. We believe all emotions are rooted in either fear or love. Move to the next ring. What sort of energy names what you're feeling? Then move out to the next ring. Where are you there? If you need to further specify, move out to the last ring.

Make it your objective to be a curious observer of your feeling. Learn to name and lean into both the positive and negative emotions. Allow it to wash over you like a wave, without judgement. Take the time you need to invest in yourself. You are worth it!

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl, author, Man’s Search For Meaning