About Us

Hand-drawn art becomes lovely, color rich party invitations, stationery, art prints, greeting cards, calendars & gifts produced in the USA. Excellence in our products and service will make Kelly Kay a welcome part of your stylish life and home.


A dear friend of mine was getting married and needed a shower invitation. With a background in graphic design, I jumped at the chance to create something unforgettable; a work of art. The project quickly took on a life of its own, and as I worked, I found myself involuntarily smiling. The overwhelming response from the recipients buzzing about our upcoming party helped me see how vital it is to begin a successful event with an awesome invitation! My passion for the art and paper romance was officially fueled that summer and I happily became the go-to girl for every subsequent event thrown by my circle of friends. 

Our customer list began with family and friends (thanks mom) and has grown to stores and boutiques all over the United States. My career path has given me unique training for starting this company: marketing firm out of college, the hospitality industry where I learned fanatical customer service, and a wonderful Fort Worth paper store where I worked for two great years serving customers like YOU. Our whole line is designed for simple printing (using a regular desktop printer) and quick assembly. 

I LOVE America, and everything we sell is made here, most of it in Fort Worth, Texas. I also love living on this planet and we do our best to take care of it by leaving a small environmental footprint from start to finish. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to love God, to serve you and to bring beauty and joy into your life and home! Our awesome team (shown below, plus me and my 3 year old little guy) of bright young people exist in a state of awesomeness every day, contributing to the greatness that is this business venture.