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Our Story

After graduating with a graphic design degree, I was doing free lance on the side and quickly realized what types of jobs lit me up most: any that required I create original artwork to achieve the client’s desired outcome. I slowly started to develop a personal style and my passion for original art grew, as did enjoying the effect a beautiful piece has on happy clients and customers. Creating my own line of products was an outflow of meeting the paper industry demand for 25-50 new pieces every six months in a wholesale market setting. It wasn’t easy, and became near impossible as we added children to our family. My desire to be an at-home mom and run a company has been by far the hardest challenge. I fail at something every day. But I also get to have my kids under my roof and an outlet for creative energy. It is a mixed blessing that requires daily staring my weaknesses in the face and choosing to go on.

Everything we sell is made in America, most of it in Fort Worth, Texas. We are thankful for the opportunity to love God, to serve you and to bring beauty and joy into your life and home! Cheers,




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