Kelly Kay

Fancy Invitation | Pink Peonies

$ 25.99

Set of 10 Kelly Kay Pink Peony Bouquet Die Cut Invitations + Ivory (*or Chartreuse*) A9 envelopes. This set / "quantity of 1" includes 10 Peony Bouquet Die Cuts, 10 printable pieces (5" x 8"), 10 pre-cut ivory satin ribbon pieces & 10 envelopes. 

All original artwork is hand drawn, scanned and press printed on cotton textured paper in the USA. The Peony Bouquet die cut is roughly 4.25" x 6.5." The printable piece is 5x8" and prints easily in most desktop printers. Once wording is printed, you will slide the ribbon pieces into the existing slits and tie the ribbon once around the stems of the Peony Bouquet, then cut ribbon ends at an angle with sharp scissors. A9 envelopes are 5.75" x 8.75". Standard postage rates apply. 

**Please note that invitations are sold without wording; at this time, we do not offer printing of your event details.**

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