Kelly Kay

Fancy Invitation | Typewriter

$ 25.99

Set of 10 Kelly Kay Typewriter Die Cut Invitations + Chestnut A9 envelopes. One set (quantity of 1) includes 10 Typewriter Die Cuts, 10 printable pieces & 10 envelopes.

The Typewriter die cut is roughly 5.5" wide x 3.75" tall; when the print piece is placed into the slit at top, the invite measures 5.5" wide x about 7.25" tall. A9 envelopes are 5.75" x 8.75". Standard postage rates apply. 

All original artwork is hand drawn, scanned and press printed on cotton textured paper in the USA. **Please note that invitations are sold without wording; at this time, we do not offer printing of your event details.** One photo at left shows an example of wording our customer did for a vintage bridal shower.

Item #24179

HOW TO PRINT at home:

Printable pieces come with two stuck together, meaning, two are perforated in the center for easy separation after printing. The printable pieces include a tab along the right side that is also perforated. You will be printing two invitations in one run through your printer, so your wording will need to be repeated in the same file. Since the tab is on the right, your text will need to be left justified, which actually works best for the design of the invitation. A typewriter font (such as American Typewriter) looks best and can be downloaded for free. Run a test sheet through your printer that is the same size as the printable piece (cut it to match the size), then hold the test sheet on top of the real printable piece in front of a lamp or window to see where your text will land. After printing, just fold paper on perforation each way and pull gently apart. Size of each printable piece (before tearing apart) is 3.5" x 10". Final size of printable piece (after tearing apart) is 3" x 5".